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HWY 125 Mowing Project

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“In Season,” Highway 125 Will Be Mowed and Groomed Regularly
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Please make your check payable to: MONKEY ISLAND ASSOCIATION. Give your enrollment form and check to any business on Monkey Island and they will turn it in to the Association…
or Mail them to MONKEY ISLAND ASSOCIATION c/o American Folk Art Furniture
29901 S. 566 Road, Monkey Island OK 74331-8169
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MIA Membership Letters and Dues

Monkey Island Association
American Folk Art Furniture Studio
29901 South Road 566
Monkey Island, OK 74331

Welcome to the Monkey Island Association!

We are contacting you because you have expressed an interest in Monkey Island.

The Monkey Island Association is your organization to help you have a positive interest in Monkey Island, its well being and to help bring improvements to the Monkey Island community. You membership will help us achieve our communities goals.

Please select your class & level of participation:
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(If you own or operate multiple businesses and you would like them all to be listed as members please contact the Monkey Island Association by email at the address above. This topic will be discussed at the next board meeting and you will be contacted afterward.)

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Please return this form along with your check or money order for the amount you indicated to the address above.

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Public Notice of Meetings

Public Notice of Meetings

Regular meetings of the Monkey Island Association Board of Directors are held monthly on the 3rd Thursday of every month. The current meeting place is American Folk Art Furniture Studio located at 29901 South 566 Road, Monkey Island. The next schedule meeting is Thursday July 20, 2006.

All regular meetings are open to the public and we encourage you to attend.

If anyone would like to present to the board, the board requires written notification a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the meeting date on which you would like to present. This will allow the Board time to add your presentation to the agenda. The notification is to be provided to the Secretary. The Secretary can be reached by email at:

or by regular mail at:

Monkey Island Association
Attn: Secretary
% American Folk Art Furniture Studio
29901 South 566 Road
Monkey Island, OK 74331

July 24, 2006

July 24, 2006


CONTACT PERSON: John Turner, Publicity Chairman.
Monkey Island Association, 918-261-1181

Monkey Island Group Takes on Huge Mowing Project

The newly organized Monkey Island Association (MIA) has announced its plans to promote the regular mowing of grass along the five miles of Highway 125 right-of-way.

The second actual mowing is scheduled for this week with the Island group soliciting donations to help support the activity, according to Karl Blade, vice president and beautification committee chairman.

Tabbed as the cornerstone to the Highway Beautification Project, residents and visitors are now greeted with a scenic highway framed with wide borders of professionally trimmed grass, according to Marilyn Mlnarik, association president.

To finance a year-round program of mowing and grooming of Highway 125, the MIA is soliciting annual contributions of $50 or more from resident families and $100 or more from businesses. Collections kicked off over July 4th. Ms. Mlnarik reports that donations have exceeded $6,000 with individual contributions up to $1,000, enough to finance the first three professional cuttings. Contributors to the Highway Beautification Project will also be credited with a one year membership in the association, she said. Newsletters are sent via email to keep members in the know.

Those interested or with questions may contact Mlnarik, 918-257-6744 , or Blade, 918-257-6020. Publicity Chairman, John Turner, suggests visiting the Monkey Island Association blog at for a contribution flyer, membership information or copies of the Island Reporter newsletter. Treasurer, Loren Zook, is gathering contributions and membership applications at American Folk Art Furniture Studio, 29901 S. 566 Rd, Monkey Island, OK 74331.

June 29, 2006

Your Monkey Island
Published by the Monkey Island Association, Inc.

Vol. 1, No. 3 June 29, 2006 PrIceless

Hwy. 125 mowing would benefit properties :

A drive to enhance the shoulders along Highway 125 with regular mowing is planned by the Monkey Island Association. The area included would extend from the causeway at the entry to the Island to Shangri-la Resort. The effort will be considered at the July meeting of the group’s board of directors, according to Marilyn Mlnarik, president.
Island property owners were urged to notice the areas on both sides of the road as they travel the Island during the 4th of July holiday. The groomed look is a result of a trial mowing to see if residents are willing to financially support such an undertaking. The association is considering a year-round program to mow and groom the shoulders, according to Karl Blade, vice president. This week’s demonstration will be used to test the impact of a more ambitious grooming schedule – as well as the associated costs for such a project. “We invite all residents to observe the results of the Highway 125 mowing demonstration program and let us know if you would support continuing such a project on a regular basis,” Blade said.

The association will solicit funds to finance the project, suggesting annual donations of at least $50 for residents and $100 for businesses. Some have already pledged up to $2,000, he said. Interested persons may contact Mlnarik, 918-964-9027, or Blade, 918-542-3344. Those wishing to mail donations may do so at Monkey Island Association, c/o American Folk Art, 566 Road, Monkey Island, OK 74331.

Gateway to Island due improvement Progress continues in the effort to improving the condition of the causeway that greets property owners and guests as they enter Monkey Island, according to Karl Blade, Monkey Island Association vice president. When made aware of the overgrowth of weeds and brush along both sides of the causeway, State. Sen. Charlie Wyrick arranged to have a state road crew clean-up the area. He also has agreed that the damaged steel barriers along the causeway are creating a safety hazard as well as presenting an unsightly appearance to visitors. Sen. Wyrick said that the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is now in the process of taking bids for the replacement of the barriers.

Members key to better Island As the Monkey Island Association takes on new projects, a strong membership base is a top priority, Marilyn Mlnarik, president, said. Minimum annual resident dues begin at $25 while businesses may get on board starting at $50. Those interested may contact any board member, mail the association at the above address or email You are needed for a better Monkey Island!

What’s happenin’ at Monkey Island: Don’t forget the Monkey Island Reporter—past, present and future issues at

…You can see for yourself the visual result of the demonstration mowing of the shoulders along most of Hwy 125 on the Island…Shangri-la Women’s guest golf tournament a huge success with more that 50 golfers participating in the two-day event…Any ideas for an Island “signature” annual event?….Dance? Talent show? Let us know!…Interested in CPR classes? Contact the Island Fire Department for a schedule of training… Check the Island Calendar AUGUST 26—Fun Horse Show, Royal Horse Ranch, 257-4195.

June 17, 2006

Your Monkey Island
Published by the Monkey Island Association, Inc.

Vol. 1, No. 2 June 17, 2006 PrIceless!

New Island leadership tops board action Marilyn Mlnarik was named President of the Monkey Island Association at the organization’s regular June meeting. She replaces Larry Minden, the original President of the new association, who resigned.

Loren Zook was elected treasurer of the island group.

In other action, new committees were approved including Environment/Infrastructure under the direction of Karl Blade and Ways and Means to be headed by Zook. Other previously named committees and their chairmen include Publicity, John Turner, and Membership, Randyl Kriner.

Get those grass skirts ready for the Luau The 8th Annual Monkey Island Fire Auxiliary Luau is set for June 24 at the Island fire station. Drawings, a coronation, Head country cooking as well as good old fashion fun will highlight the event. Advance tickets are $7 (257-5615). The charge at the door will be $8, with kids under 10 getting in for $5.

We’re adding new members A total of 23 new members were added to the rolls of the Monkey Island Associaiton during the last month, according to Randyl Kriner, membership committee chairman. He noted that 15 are resident and 8 are business memberships.

Those interested in joining the new Island developmental group may contact any officer or go to the association’s email address at the end of this newsletter.

New ‘reduce speed’ signs help Island Several new “Reduce Speed” signs were recently installed on Monkey Island’s Road 562 to help give walkers, joggers, bikers and golf carts a fighting chance against traffic, according to Susan Graham, who has headed numerous roadside projects on the Island.

We are still waiting for action on additional “Deer Crossing” signs for the Island as numerous guests and residents are involved in auto collisions with the animals each year, she said. Also, residents were asked to pick up trash along Island roadsides when they see it.

The new anti-speeding signs are located on the way to St. James and Beacon Hill.

April 24, 2006

Your Monkey Island REPORTER
Published by the Monkey Island Association

Vol. 1, No. 1 April 24, 2006 Priceless!

New association efforts featured for Island While still in the early months of its new initiatives, Monkey Island Association is off and running. Over 30 interested islanders met in December and January at the American Folk Art Furniture Studio to discuss island needs and approaches to fulfill them. A task force chaired by Ron Sigenthaler was established. The group met weekly over the next two months to prepare effective bylaws to guide the association, and gather nominations for a board of directors. Ron, Mike Good, Randyl Kriner, Marilyn Mlnarik, Loren Zook and Gretchen Zumwalt-Smith served on the task force and accomplished the time-consuming tasks.

At least 33 islanders participated in the third general meeting held April 6, 2006. Primary agenda items were the formal approval and adoption of the bylaws, election of the board of directors, and discussions of priorities for the current and upcoming year. Future general membership meetings will be seasonal, with the annual meeting scheduled for September of each year.

In accordance with the new bylaws, the elected board of directors consists of seven members, three of whom represent residents and four from businesses. Board member terms are for two years with at least three members rotating annually.

Officers were elected April 10 at the first regular board meeting. Larry Minden was named president. Other officers include Loren Zook, vice president; Randyl Kriner, secretary, and Marilyn Mlnarik, treasurer. Other members of the board are John Turner, Shane Gregg and Karl Blade. All officers and directors are Monkey Island residents. Future board meetings will usually be held the third Thursday of the month.

Members first priority Topping the association’s initial agenda will be a membership drive, offering both residential and business memberships. Annual resident’s dues will be $25, businesses $50. Additional donations to help the association get underway will be encouraged, Kriner said. Membership includes receiving the REPORTER email newsletter. Watch for an application in the next REPORTER or at local businesses. Join soon and play a positive role in island projects, activities and the quality of life on Grand Lake.

Committees coming soon Have a special talent or area of interest? The association wants to hear from you! Just call a board member or add a note to your membership application. Whether it’s beautification, events, promotion, special projects like island trails or communication (including the web and our blog), your interest and involvement will absolutely make things happen! President Minden said the group is expected to develop committees in the weeks ahead as membership and interest levels expand. To get initiatives going, the board named John Turner to head the communications committee (a journalism major and entrepreneur), and Randyl Kriner to oversee membership development (email grand master). Make a difference; sign up today.

Island entry to get new look Those unsightly causeway metal barriers that greet automobile drivers upon their return to or departure from Monkey Island will soon be replaced, according to representatives of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT). Previously, members of the Monkey Island Association had contacted State Sen. Charlie Wyrick regarding the need for mowing and improvement of the causeway entry area. Wyrick contacted ODOT which has said bids will be let within the next few weeks. Several serious accidents have occurred on the causeway.

Get those prom dresses and tuxes ready The Third Annual Monkey Island Prom promises a full schedule of activities for adults with fond memories of yesteryear. To be held May 20, the Island Prom night will begin at 7 on the deck at Island Joes overlooking Grand Lake and lots of boats at Shangri-la Marina. Next, it’s dinner at Shebang’s starting at 8, followed by dancing and lots of good times at Big Shots at 9. Nothing to wear to a prom? Event planners suggested checking attics, the Salvation Army or other second hand clothing outlets.

Cleanliness is next to……… Results were obvious after April’s Monkey Island clean-up effort headed up by Susan Graham. The island thanks you all. Unfortunately, trash is starting to accumulate again already. Who are these yo-yos with no island respect? Signs for littering fines will be posted soon. ODOT officials report that “enforcement works”. You can help too. Watch for updates in the REPORTER for phone numbers to turn in litterbugs. If you’re interested in keeping island roadsides free of litter, call Susan at 257-6065. By the way, Susan is recovering from abdominal surgery and a week-long hospital stay. She’d love to get your phone calls of roadside cleanup support, however.

Fire Department Auxiliary elects officers……… What’s goin’ on at Monkey Island and the lake…..Several first run movies at the Grove theatre….Things up and running at Shangri-la with the completion of the new Golf Pro Shop, Bar and Grille in the front of the resort’s Recreation Center….Phone your Island news to any board member or email us at …Don’t forget to pay federal and state income tax estimates by June 15….World Class Shrimp Boil set for May 13 at Thunder Bay Marina. Donations to benefit South Grand Lake Airport…. Initial plans call for the M.I. Reporter to be distributed via email a few days after the association’s board meeting on the third Thursday of the month…Grand Lake “Lunch ‘n Learn” meeting set for May 11 at The Shebang. $10 charge includes program, meal, drink, dessert, tax and tip! Call 786-2289 to reserve a spot….Island Joe’s at Shangri-la Marina is now open for the season.

Monday, April 24, 2006

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